SPOFEC Gives New Rolls-Royce Phantom More Presence and Power

Novitec Group includes a sub-brand called SPOFEC where the focus is on refining Rolls-Royce cars to the highest level.

Their recent project was the latest Phantom and as you can see in the images, it packs serious presence.

The company added its own functional bumper that reduces front-end lift at high speeds and revised the front fascia. Moving down the sides, you will see the highlighted badge and some unique rocker panels. At the back, the tuner fitted a new bumper along with a subtle spoiler.

It sits on some massive 24-inch wheels where were developed in cooperation with Vossen and they work flawlessly on this package. The wheels are available in 72 colours in two finishes (polished and brushed) and the air suspension can lower the ride height by about 40 millimetres.

SPOFEC did not leave the iconic 6.75-litre V12 untouched and increased output by 114 hp (84 kW) and 110 Nm of torque. That results in a potent 685 hp (504 kW) and 1,010 Nm of torque. This is paired to the stock eight-speed automatic gearbox which allows the luxobarge to hit 100 km/h in 5 seconds flat.

Is this offering more to your taste or would you prefer something straight from the Rolls factory?

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