2020 VW Golf GTI, GTI TCR and R Outputs Leaked

via https://www.instagram.com/cochespias/

We know we will be seeing a handful of performance variants of the new Volkswagen Golf 8 range and now it seems we have our first peek at the designs as well as the power outputs of the hot hatches.

Instagram user @cochespias shared the image you see above which seems to be a dealer product roadmap showing five Golf variants ranging from the already released GTE to the highly-anticipated GTI and R.

The least powerful will be the GTD with 147 kW but the new R variant will pack as much as 328 hp (245 kW). In between sits the regular GTI producing 241 hp (180 kW) which matches the GTE variant but the likely sweet spot of the range may be the GTI TCR as it will produce 296 hp (221 kW).

If the little illustrations are accurate, then the GTI TCR will look substantially more aggressive than the regular GTI and more in line with the R.

Is it just us or does that Golf GTI TCR and R front end look like inspiration was taken from a Huracán Performante.

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