ATV/UTV Tires and Why Upgrading Regularly Is Important

Whether you’re looking for highly functional utility vehicles or just huge machines for recreation, ATVs and UTVs have your back. These outdoor vehicles are powerful for terrain and harsh off-road sites, thanks to their excellent, monstrous wheels. ATVs and UTVs might look pretty similar since they’re both off-road, produced by almost the same manufacturers, and both have four wheels—but turns out they have huge differences between one another. 

What are ATVs and UTVs?

TVs or all-terrain vehicles are four-wheeled vehicles meant for a single rider. These machines are mostly used for racing, as they excel in performing quick turns in tight spaces. However, they’re more demanding to ride, which requires you to have great balance for optimum control.

Meanwhile, UTVs or utility task vehicles are beefier than ATVs since they allow multiple passengers on board. If you like to ride with other people like your family and friends, or be able to store your gears, UTVs offer more functionality than ATVs. Also, UTVs offer more comfort during a drive since they have bucket seats or automobile-style benches, and roll-cage-like enclosures. 


No matter how durable the tires of ATVs and UTVs are, they will need to be replaced one time or another. If you use them more often, especially on harsh terrains, the sooner replacements will be required. There are lots of different tires in the market so referring to a buyer’s guide like the one from can help you make the best decision. 

That said, here are important reasons why ATV and UTV tires need to be regularly updated:

1. Replace Terrain Damage 

One of the most important reasons for upgrading your ATV and UTV tires is, of course, to replace the terrain damage they’ve sustained. When it comes to dirt, and wear and tear, your tires are the most vulnerable component of your vehicle. Once your tires get upgraded, you won’t have to deal with these terrain damages, which can further deteriorate the quality and performance of your vehicle. 

It might often go unnoticed, but sidewalls and treads are extremely susceptible to bulges, snags, scratches, punctures, and other damages from foreign objects, especially common items such as glass, nails, stones, and screws. 

2. Prevent Complex Replacements 

Not upgrading your tires regularly can also affect other parts of your vehicle, making you spend more in the long run. Uneven tires resulting from wear and tear can throw off their balance and placement. This will give you a hard time handling the vehicle and can potentially result in costly replacements and repairs. 

Some owners opt to upgrade tires by themselves, but this can put them at a disadvantage even further. For instance, repairing tire punctures can look easy and hassle-free, but this shouldn’t be underestimated. Punctures in ATV and UTV tires are entirely different, so the vehicle owner must first inspect it thoroughly, if it can be fixed at home or if it needs to be brought to a professional immediately to avoid ruining the overall tire.

3. Avoid Mishaps 

Off-road driving can cause your vehicle to be more susceptible to mishaps and accidents, but you can minimize these from happening by having your tires regularly checked and upgraded. In terms of tread depth, no more upgrades are available once you have them inspected, and the best solution would be to replace them. But do you know when they need replacement? And what are the consequences of not replacing them sooner?

Every tire is equipped with indicator bars that will alert you if your treads need an immediate replacement. Look for the tread ribs, and if the tread is flashing with wear bars, it’s time to change it for a new one. Not immediately changing your tires with worn-out tread depths can result in numerous safety risks.

4. Enjoy Your Ride

Lastly, regular tire upgrades are the key to enjoying an exciting off-road experience. Choosing the right upgrades regularly will increase the capability of your ATV or UTV, ensuring that you’re riding in the most efficient manner. Some important upgrades such as tread design and tire size depend on your preferred riding experience. 

If you’re planning a ride soon, make sure to upgrade the tread designs according to the terrain, whether it’s over the snow, trails, mud, sand or dunes, pavements, or for racing—all of which require different tread patterns.

Moreover, upgrading your tire size into the right one can let you have a more powerful ride. Upgrading to bigger tires will require more modifications, such as enhanced gearing, lift kits, and brake upgrades. Upgrades in other components will be based on the tire size. Thus, regularly upgrading your tire in terms of size will help enhance the vehicle’s overall performance.


Off-road vehicles are created for special terrains, but that doesn’t mean they’re immune to upgrades. Upgrading your tires can significantly impact the performance of your ATV or UTV. Though these can be a little costly, regular upgrades can make or break your riding experience, so be sure to perform only the right ones.

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