New Nissan GT-R Liberty Walk Bodykit Costs Over R1 Million

The R35 Nissan GT-R is quite possibly the most modified car in the world or at least the most Liberty Walk’d model and the newest offering does not come cheap.

Liberty Walk will sell you a complete carbon fibre wide body kit for $73,570 (approx R1,05m*) to totally transform your GT-R.

The R35 Nissan GT-R has been around since 2007 believe it or not so it’s understandable that so many examples have been tweaked, kitted and modded to make them a little more unique.

Yes, today’s R35 GT-R features years of refinement to the interior, chassis, and transmission making it better than ever but if the styling has not been updated enough, tuners like Liberty Walk are on hand.

*keep in mind this price does not include shipping, taxes or local fitment so don’t plan around dropping ‘just’ R1 million to make your GT-R look like this. It will be substantially more…

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