Czinger 21C Hypercar Here To Deliver ‘Revolutionary Technology’

A new day and another new hypercar company has surfaced promising big things. Czinger Vehicles Inc. is based in California and they want to take the world by storm when they reveal the 21C hypercar next month at the Geneva Motor Show.

At the moment, details are fairly scarce but Czinger claims its “revolutionary technology” has led to “a groundbreaking hypercar with an iconic design and dominating performance”.

It uses a hybrid powertrain of unconfirmed size and output, with the car and its propulsion system designed, developed, engineered and manufactured from scratch at the company’s base in Los Angeles, California.

The 21C also features an in-line seating arrangement in a fighter jet-style driver-passenger compartment, with a single seat behind the driver.

Without focusing too much on the marketing mumble, the hypercar actually looks very interesting with its substantial carbon rear wing, bulging wheel arches, centre-mounted exhaust system and an aggressive diffuser.

We have heard bold claims like this before but these images and video below seem to show off the real deal and they do have full production intent.

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