Widebody Czinger 21C Hypercar With 1,350 HP (1,007 kW) Available To Order

Czinger officially revealed their rather impressive 21C hypercar in March and according to PistonHeads, a new model is on the way too which will likely be even more impressive.

Czinger’s chief commercial officer, Jens Sverdrup mentioned to the publication that a widebody version with an additional 100 hp is on the way.

As a reminder, the ‘regular’ 21C packs a powerful 2.88-litre V8 with a flat-plane crank configuration with a pair of turbochargers and a seven-speed sequential gearbox and all-wheel drive. Oh, and the engine revs up to 11,000 rpm, working with a set of electric motors for the front wheels, and packs a combined 1,233 horsepower (920 kW).

“We always intended to reveal this track version with the 1,250hp car but actually ran out of time to finish it before Geneva,” admits Jens. “Anybody who buys one of our 80 21C’s can tick for a widebody version on the options list, giving them a hypercar that might not be the best for narrow Scottish or Welsh roads, but will definitely be great for the race track.”

Three more Czinger models are expected to follow by 2023, using modular takes on the hybrid V8 engine and chassis.

Source PistonHeads
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