Porsche Will Add Your Fingerprint To Your 911 For R120k

Porsche sells a lot of cars so it is no surprise that you can customize your Stuttgart creation to your heart’s content through Porsche Exclusive Manafaktur.

Now, the skilled folks from Zuffenhausen are taking the personalization program to a whole new level by introducing a fingerprint option for the 911.

As you can see in the included shots, your fingerprint can be transformed into a large graphic to be placed on the car’s hood through a direct printing method developed by Porsche. For now, this is limited to the hood but will be eventually offered in other areas.

First, they will have to remove the hood and then the graphic is applied by a robot, with a clear coat added afterwards. Finally, the hood will be polished to a high-gloss finish to ensure the utmost quality.

Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur will begin to take requests from customers for this option next month and is asking €7,500 (approx R123k) in Germany.

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