R1,7 Million Gets You A Week In A James Bond Villa With Use Of James Bond Cars

With the new James Bond film, No Time to Die still a few months away from release, high-end travel agent Oliver’s Travel is offering well off fans with a seven-night 007 vacation in an Italian cliff-top villa known as the Talamon Tower – an ancient watchtower situated in Siena, seen in Quantum of Solace.

For $117,000 (approx. R1,7 million) guests will be treated to a James Bond experience filled with the help, boats, and the fancy six-bedroom and six-bathroom house prepared for agents and supervillains. More interestingly, guests will have a small range of iconic classic cars to choose from during their stay. Those who have booked this experience will be able to drive around the Tuscan coast in an Aston Martin DB5, Bentley Mark IV, or a Ford Mustang Mach 1 for a day.

If the cars alone do not already tickle your fancy, you’re probably rather difficult to please. Luckily there’s more on offer from the 007 vacation. While the villa may look a bit countrified on the outside, it can accommodate up to 12 people while gracing them with killer panoramic views of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Unsurprisingly, the view is said to be astonishing and ideal for spotting the villains approaching by air or sea.

It is also probably worth mentioning that the pad also offers guests freedom to relax by the pool with a hard drink in one hand and heavy ammunition in the other (Oliver’s Travels will probably rather you do not bring guns). When the sun goes down you and your mates can also play a game of poker in your private Casino Royale. You probably wouldn’t want to spend the whole night at the casino though, and this is where the black-tie dinner at the Pelicano restaurant comes in where you can rock your tux and be served by a private chef.

Now that we’ve gone through a few details of what you can get from the vacation, the $117,000 pricing of the holiday may start to be easier to fathom. Especially considering that you can take 11 people with you and split the bill if it is that worth it to you. After all, You Only Live Twice.

Source Oliver's Travels Automobile Mag
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