Spiritual Successor To Maserati MC12 Officially Called MC20

In the middle of the 2000s, Maserati was at the top of the performance mountain with the Ferrari Enzo-based MC12 but fast forward to 2020 and the company is trying to climb back up the mountain and the MC20 is the start (yesterday we posted about it with the Supersportiva name).

We first caught a glimpse of the MC20, which is the spiritual successor to the MC12, in late 2019 via four photos of a test mule released by Maserati themselves.

So what does MC20 stand for? Well if you know your Maserati history, MC is Maserati Corse and 20 likely indicates the year 2020.

The MC20 will have an all-new powertrain that has been developed and built by and for Maserati. It is unclear what type of powertrain the vehicle will launch with, but Maserati has confirmed the car will eventually be available as an “electrified version,” just like every other Trident from here on out.

The MC20 also indicates that Maserati plans to return to racing, just as it did with the MC12. We will have to wait until the debut in Modena come may but let’s hope this is the new beginning for the Trident brand.

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