5 Ways to Prepare Your Car for Auto Transport

Transporting your vehicle across the country is now stress-free, thanks to companies that provide long-distance transport services. Despite the convenience that these companies offer, you still have to make sure to take care of the car on your end before the scheduled move. 

Generally, the auto transport company’s job is to load your vehicle on a multi-car carrying truck then deliver it to your chosen destination. If you want to see your car arrive in your expected form, you need to make all the necessary preparations before calling the company that provides auto transport nationwide. Here are the ways to prep your car before the company picks it up for shipping. 

Clean the Interior 

Transferring the car inside a carrying truck can shake it up while on the road. It can cause some of the unsecured contents inside to get tossed and misplaced. To avoid this, clean the inside of your car and remove the things that are not secured. It includes the loose change and air fresheners lying around the vehicle. Remove all the electronics inside the car, including the chargers and supporting cables. It is necessary to prevent these items from banging into the walls when the car bounced inside the carrying truck. 

Avoid Refueling 

Since you do not need to drive your car during the transportation process, refueling your car is no longer necessary. Your vehicle will only get heavier if you have plenty of gas in the tank. The additional weight will only slow down the carrying truck and can add more risk to the shipment. So make sure that you leave as little fuel as possible in the tank when preparing your car for its scheduled transport. 

Wash the Car 

If you want to make sure that your car is scratch-free, wash it thoroughly before calling the auto transport nationwide service provider. Most of the time, dust and dirt can conceal small dents and minor scratches in the car’s exteriors. So, make sure that your vehicle is clean before doing a thorough inspection to see if there are any damages before the shipping process. It will assure you that your car will reach the destination without any blemishes from your end. 

Inspect For Leaks

Before the shipping company loads your vehicle in the carrying truck, check the undercarriage first to see if there are any apparent leaks. Inspect all the six essential car fluids to know which one seeps out. Once the car shipping service provider notices that your car has an aggressive leak, they may refuse to take them anywhere until you fix the car leak. So make sure to have it repaired before you ask the company to load it in the truck. 

Take Away the Custom Accessories

To avoid any possibilities of breaking the car spoiler and other customized accessories during the transit, remember to remove it first before letting the shipping company load it into the truck. It will help you avoid the risk of damaging the other car parts since the transportation process can bump it all around. 

Bringing your car anywhere across the country does not have to be a hassle. As long as you transact with a reliable auto transport company, you will get an assurance that your vehicle will reach your preferred destination on time. So, make sure that you will contact a reputable transport service provider so your car will get the proper treatment while in transit. 

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