6 Ways to Improve Your Car

If you have a nice car, it’s probably a major part of your life. Loving your vehicle means improving it, adding bits and pieces to make it smoother or faster. With so many additions you can make, it can be hard to determine what really works.

Instead of wondering for days what you can do, consider these 6 improvements that are proven to work and great for your car.

1 – Soundproofing

No matter how well-built your vehicle is, sometimes it rattles or makes unnecessary sounds on the road. Particularly over time, pieces can come a bit loose, or space can open up and cause shaking.

With products made from mass loaded vinyl, like at https://aquietrefuge.com/mass-loaded-vinyl/, you can easily soundproof those spots and stop those extra sounds. Soundproofing will also improve the way music sounds in your car with just a few pieces.

2 – Switch Out Your Rims

Whether you go all out with some spinning rims or just a new shiny set, new rims will greatly improve your tires. A more lightweight set can improve steering performance and braking, as well as reduce strain on your car as a whole. The size of the rims can affect everything from alignment to handling and acceleration.

Take a look at your current set, do some measuring, and find the right ones for you.

3 – Upgrade Your Speakers

If you haven’t replaced your stereo or speakers in a few years, consider getting an upgrade. Nearly everyone loves to jam out during a drive, so why wouldn’t you want crystal clear sounds and special features?

Even most basic stereos nowadays have an AUX connection or Bluetooth capabilities. Look into different setups and find one that works for your car.

4 – Change Your Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers are often overlooked, but they are incredibly important. They will make a bumpy ride smooth and steady. Shocks are not the cheapest option but they can completely change the way your car rides. They are a great, one step option to make your car smoother and easier to drive.

One quick investment is all it takes.

5 – Check Your Brakes

Brakes can degrade over time, but the true stopping point always happens when you least expect it. Getting your brakes checked or even replaced will make your car feel like a whole new ride. It will decrease wear and tear on your other systems and tires, keep your vehicle in top shape, and save you from major damage farther down the line.

This is another option that can get a little expensive, but it’s a lot cheaper than trying to repair your car after an accident caused by failed brakes.

6 – New/Clean Headlights and Taillights

This is good for aesthetic and safety purposes. Clean or new and brighter headlights and taillights means better visibility for your and other drivers on the road. Dull and dingy lights present a hazard at night or in bad weather.

However, aside from safety, new lights simply look better. A freshly cleaned or newly installed set of lights will make the whole car look like-new. Lights aren’t usually that expensive, so this is a quick way to make your car look nicer.

Bottom Line

Sometimes, your vehicle just needs a quick trip through the carwash to look like new. Occasionally, it needs something else entirely. Something as simple as new lights or as specific as soundproofing will do wonders to make your car look and feel brand new again.

All you need is a little time and a little money, and see what a difference this can make.

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