BMW M235i Gran Coupe Pricing for South Africa

The first-ever BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe sees BMW bringing the four-door coupe concept that has already enjoyed great success in higher vehicle classes into the premium compact segment for the first time. It is now available in South Africa.

Topping the range is the M235i xDrive model which makes use of the brands most powerful four-cylinder engine developing 225 kW allowing it to sprint to 100 km/h in 4.9 seconds.

In the M235i model, a mechanical Torsen limited-slip differential, M Sport steering and M Sport brakes come as standard. Three different suspension setups are on offer, tailored to each model. M Sport suspension reduces the ride height by 10 mm while the Adaptive suspension option includes variable damper controls.

Base price sits at R725,000 (excluding CO2 tax) making it about R20k more expensive than the M135i xDrive.

BMW South Africa will also be bringing in the three-cylinder petrol with 103 kW in the 218i and a 140 kW four-cylinder diesel unit in the 220d. Pricing starts from R515,000 and R595,000 respectively.

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