Mansory Creates Star Trooper Mercedes-AMG G63 Pickup

They are on a roll this year and here we have a new take on the crazy Mercedes-AMG G63 they revealed at the Geneva Motor Show last year.

It has been dubbed the Star Trooper and now you can buy one in pickup / bakkie form.

This is basically a G63 truck with all the updates we have seen from Mansory before. These updates include the gray camouflage, the 24-inch alloys, red LEDs, and the carbon aftermarket parts.

Inside, the Star Trooper Pickup Edition gets the same treatment as its five-door counterpart, which includes the camo-printed leather trims with red accents and the infamous red star-studded headliner. The only difference is that this one only seats two, with the rear cabin transformed into a cargo bed.

You can bet that Mansory fiddled with the engine and although they did not provide power figures this time around, we know that they can massage the 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 to 850 horses and 1,000 Nm of torque.

In case you are wondering what the ‘PP’ initials are on the build, they enlisted the help of German fashion designer Phillip Plein.

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