Prior Design McLaren 720S Makes New 765LT Look Tame

The McLaren 720S has been around for three years now and it is no stranger to being updated and modified by the likes of Novitec, Mansory and DMC but for the first time, Prior Design had a go and they did not hold back.

A huge rear wing improves the overall profile of the Woking rocket but as you will see, there are a large number of new aero components giving the supercar a lot more presence.

A new front splitter, massive canards, sculpted hood, wide fenders and of course some new wheels results in a very unique build.

Sure it will not be to everyone’s taste but you don’t have to worry as they are only making 10 of these packages.

Prior Design did not fiddle with the performance of the engine which is actually just fine because the 720S is an absolute monster straight from the factory.

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