BMW and BMW M Get New Logos

We spend our lives looking at mobile phone and computer screens so it makes sense that logos adopt a flat design ethos.

Last year, Volkswagen revealed a new flatter modern logo and now it is BMW’s turn.

BMW showed off the new logo on the i4 Concept and it is actually quite a big change. Gone is the iconic black ring that surrounded the blue-and-white pie inside. The ring is now transparent, letting the Frozen Light Copper of the concept shine through. Obviously this will change depending on the car’s exterior colour.

The new logo is also flat, eschewing the old logo’s three-dimensional appearance, lighting effects, and shadows, though it’ll still look 3D on the vehicles.

Jens Thiemer, Senior Vice President Customer & Brand BMW, said the black wring is gone because the new logo will “radiate more openness and clarity” with its now transparent design. The new logo should also catch the eye of younger buyers, too, who are well-versed in navigating a digital world.

Although nothing has been made official yet, it looks like the BMW M logo has taken a similar turn. Take a look at the official Facebook page and you will see a new logo which completely dismisses the familiar three-dimensionality badge (see below). The new iteration has a modern 2D look and four colours.

The characteristic M logo does not shine with a chrome effect, instead, is kept in plain white. The three coloured stripes to the left of the M are also shown without any shades, gradients and other effects. Instead, they are kept completely monochrome.

It remains to be seen whether the new two-dimensional BMW M logo will only be used for communication and presentation purposes or on actual vehicles.

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