First Bentley EV To Be High-Riding Sedan Says Report

Render by Autocar

Bentley knows they want an electric car but they are not rushing to launch one as the battery technology is not where it needs to be.

As a result, we probably won’t see an electric Bentley on sale until the middle of the decade but when we do, it might be a high-riding Sedan.

Company CEO Adrian Hallmark told Autocar in an interview published Tuesday that the vehicle would need to sit higher to accommodate a large battery in the floor but also be aerodynamically shaped to support a minimum range of 500 km. He hinted at one solution being close to the Jaguar I-Pace, but more extreme, according to the publication.

The news comes as Bentley’s team in Crewe, United Kingdom, assembles the last examples of the Mulsanne and the legendary L-series V-8 engine that powers the flagship. Over 7,300 examples have been built since the car was launched a decade ago, each requiring over 400 hours of meticulous detail.

Source Autocar
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