Koenigsegg Spends Most Of Its Development Budget Getting Cars Road-Legal

As you can imaging, getting a car legalized for road use is no easy task.

There is an endless list of rules and regulations regarding safety and emissions standards that every road-legal car has to pass, whether you sell three a year or three-hundred thousand.

Founder of Koenigsegg, Christian von Koenigsegg, mentions it takes a lot of effort and of course a huge budget to get to that stage.

Apex One spoke to David Tugas in 2018 about what it takes to get their Swedish beasts legal and is very interesting to hear how complex the process is.

Most car companies sell tens of thousands cars a year and have full departments dedicated to getting the cars homologated. Koenigsegg has one guy so you can just imagine how much pressure is placed on Tugas.

Koenigsegg says his company spends around 60 percent of his development budget every year just on stuff related to road homologation.

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