LaFerrari Damaged in Brunei After Colliding With a Nissan

There are only 500 Ferrari LaFerrari’s in the world so when one of them is involved in an accident, it is very likely to make the news.

According to Tinxe, this LaFerrari collided with a Nissan Terra on the 6th of April causing fairly substantial damage to the front of the hypercar.

Not much information is known as to what happened exactly but as you can see in the images, the Nissan has hit the Ferrari on the front which could mean that the Ferrari tried to make a turn when it shouldn’t have or the Nissan driver was not paying attention to the road in front.

A YouTube video description seems to think that that the car is supposedly owned by the nephew of the Sultan of Brunei.

Let’s hope the hypercar is shipped back to Maranello and returned to its former glory.

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