Avoid Accidents by Practicing Proper Vehicle Maintenance

You can certainly understand that having faulty brakes is not a good idea, and that, if you drive with them, the possibility of having an accident will increase significantly. What you may not know, is how many other faulty parts in your vehicle can lead to the same result. And being that, even with a perfect car we are never fully free of the possibility of being in a car accident, why not take actions to at least take care of those items that are under our control?

Car Maintenance Musts to Avoid or Prevent Accidents

Take the time to make sure your car is properly maintained in order to drive better, safer, and avoid accidents. Here are just some key aspects you need to look after:

Wiper Blades

Visibility goes hand in hand with safe driving. Worn, cracked, or stiff windshield wipers will not do a good job and need to be replaced. While you’re at it, top your wiper fluid container.

Electrical System

You definitely don’t want your battery to die on you. Or, if it doesn’t die completely, you also don’t want to have to deal with a car that stalls or operates improperly. Have your battery checked regularly.


Different weather conditions make driving more dangerous. Tires need to be inspected to prevent blowouts and have you losing control of your car. You should also consider having them rotated, aligned, or replaced if needed. Regularly check tire pressure to manufacturer’s recommendation.

Hoses and Belts

Time makes rubber brittle, especially in areas where freezing temperatures hasten the process. Inspect belts and hoses to check if they are frayed, have cracks, or show soft spots. Belts and hoses can cause extensive engine damage when they are not in perfect condition.


Speaking about freezing temperatures, you should check your antifreeze. Make sure it is the correct one for your car, and inspect the reservoir and cap to check for cracks.

Air Filter

Poor engine performance can come about because of dirty air filters. They can also reduce your gas mileage. This is a simple fix; you can take care of it yourself or get a professional to do it for you.


Critical on your to-do list is checking your vehicle’s lights: turn signals, headlights, and taillights. A burn-out lightbulb or non-working brake lights can lead to trouble. Once again, visibility is important at all times to avoid or prevent accidents.

Avoiding Accidents Can Be Up To You

Your attitude when behind the wheel can also be an important factor when you want to prevent an accident. Start by always wearing a seat belt, be aware of the weather conditions, take driving seriously by not drinking, eating, or texting while driving. Remember to always look back when backing out, do not tailgate, keep sufficient distance from the car ahead of you, and be aware of erratic behavior from drivers next to you.

If despite all your efforts, you have been involved in a car accident, you can apply for a car accident lawsuit loan. The money you receive will come in handy because it will help you get by while you wait for the settlement to come in. And you will only have to repay the loan if you receive a settlement.

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