Basic Car Maintenance Tips That Every Car Owner Should Know

As a car owner, you know that you have a big responsibility. Regular mechanic checks are a must, but you can inspect the car by yourself to detect any problems when they are in an early stage. If you perform regular maintenance, you will keep your car in perfect shape. Not only that it will serve you for a longer time, but you will also avoid costly repairs. Experienced car owners would advise you to perform regular checks and do minor maintenance by yourself. Here are some things that you should know about car maintenance!

Check the owner’s manual in details

Many car owners fail to read the owner’s manual completely. Be sure that you aren’t one of them since the manual can contain very useful information. Every car has different specifications, and the manufacturer encloses information regarding the things that you need to check often. Also,  you will get to know more about the signs that may indicate that something is wrong. If you bought a second-hand car, then it is very likely that it didn’t come with the manual. But, you can always search online to find the digital version of it.

Inspect your vehicle often

Make sure that you often do an inspection of the car. This way, you can notice the minor problems way before they become big problems. Again, you should refer to the owner’s manual for this task. There, you will find a complete checklist that you should follow.

Get to know more about the meaning of the warning indicators

Your car has many different light indicators on the panel. You should know the meaning of each one, to avoid any inconvenience. Keep in mind that certain indicators require immediate action. For example, the oil warning will flash if the oil pressure is critically low. Driving with low oil pressure is very risky, as it can damage the engine. Make sure that you understand all of the warning indicators to avoid any damage or potential risks for your safety.

Change the oil

The engine oil is of extreme importance for the car. Many refer to it as being the car’s blood, as it is responsible for lubricating the inner moving parts of the engine. But also, the oil prevents the engine from overheating and moves the debris from the parts. Over time, the oil will gather tiny particles. These can damage the engine parts, so it is very important that you change the oil often. But how often should you change the dirty oil with new? This is indicated in the user’s manual. In most cases, the oil needs to be changed every 7,500 to 10,000 miles. Make sure that you use the right type of oil, which is also specified in the manual. Don’t forget to check the oil filter too and change if needed. Its job is to trap dirt and debris and at a certain point it will need to be changed with a new one. Not only the engine oil, but you should also check other fluids too. Check the brake fluids, transmission fluids, and coolant for an executive car service in Denver.

Check the tires

The tires should be checked once a month. The correct tire pressure is indicated in the manual, so be sure to look for it. Always inflate the tires when they are cold to get accurate pressure readings. But don’t forget about the spare tire too. Check if it is in good condition and if it needs inflating. You will never know when you need it. So be sure that it is always in perfect shape. 

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