How To Choose The Right Auto Body Shop

Car collisions are something that can happen to anyone. And you will certainly feel upset because your car is damaged. You shouldn’t worry about this as our professional auto body shop at CSN Avenue Collision will fix it for you. Keep in mind that you should be very picky when it comes to choosing the right one. If they don’t offer professional service, you might end up with a result that you didn’t ask for. Read on and find out more about how to choose the right auto body shop!

Ask for recommendations

The easiest way to find a good and reliable auto body shop is to ask for recommendations. If any of your friends or acquaintances have had this kind of repair soon, ask them if they are pleased with the work done. Word of mouth is considered to be the most common source of information, so you shouldn’t underestimate it. Your friends can even show you pictures of the condition before and after the repair. This way, you will be sure that you work with a reliable shop. 

How much time will they need?

Time is an important resource in our lives. Some auto body shops will take longer than others to fix the issue. It is so important that you ask about the time that they will need to repair your car. If they take a few weeks, you will need to know this ahead. This way, you can think of a commuting alternative for that time. Or, you can ask other shops to find the one that will finish the task sooner. This is especially important if your car is a vital part of your everyday life. 

Get a few estimates

In the process of finding the perfect shop, you should contact a few. Ask for price estimates and write them down. You will want to avoid being overcharged for this kind of service. But, you also don’t want to pay a low price for a cheap and suspicious shop that might not have the professional equipment and trained staff. Look for a price that has a balance between quality and value. 


Another important thing that you should know about is the warranty. Different auto body shops will offer different terms for the warranty. Reliable ones will offer a minimum one year warranty. Others will offer a two-year warranty for the service. However, be sure to check what does the warranty include. Some shops might offer a warranty that is practically useless when you consider all of the conditions. 

Does the shop have insurance?

The last thing that you want to happen is your car to be stolen or damaged when in the shop. The shop should have proper insurance that offers coverage if anything happens to your car there. Many shops have theft and fire insurance, so ask about this.

Ask about the process

Since you are the car owner, you will want to know what they will do in detail. A good shop won’t hesitate to answer all of your questions and worries. Real professionals have excellent customer service and want to offer the best experience for their customers. You should feel free to ask questions about the process and the parts that will be used at your Tesla certified collision repair centre. Ask whether they use new or used parts for the repair. If your car needs painting, ask about how many layers of paint they will apply. Also, they should allow you to visit the shop and check the progress of your car. 

Some offer to pick and return the car to your home as a part of their service. If you have a busy lifestyle, then this will be very convenient for you.

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