Novitec Give Ferrari F8 Tributo 776 HP (579 kW) and Some Large Wheels

It is only a matter of time until a Maranello creation ends up at Novitec and the latest package from the tuner delivers a subtle take on the F8 Tributo.

To start with, the original Ferrari wheels replaced with a larger set developed by Novitec in collaboration with Vossen, measuring 21 inches at the front and 22 inches for the rear axle. You can choose from as many as 72 colour schemes when ordering these forged wheels with their dual five-spoke design, plus the ability to pick from either a polished or brushed surface.

To give it the stance to suit the new shoes, a set of lowering springs drops the ride height by around 35 mm.

Powering the Prancing Horse is of course the 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 but it has been tweaked to deliver 776 hp (579 kW) and 882 Nm of torque. This increase is enough to get the supercar from standstill to 100 km/h in a properly rapid 2.7 seconds (0.2 second improvement).

If you wise Novitec can install a new exhaust system which can work with the original end tips or with custom exhaust finishers made from stainless steel and carbon. The stainless steel exhaust will not only lower the temperature but will also give you a beefier soundtrack (give it a listen in the video below).

The tuner is currently working on a new aerodynamic body kit as well as some unique options to customise your interior.

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