Supercar Blondie Details The R700k Rolls-Royce Cullinan Scale Model

Rolls-Royce and affordable are words that will never be associated so it comes as no surprise that the 1:8 scale Rolls-Royce Cullinan model has an astronomical price tag.

Just like every other Rolls, the Cullinan scale model is completely and entirely customizable and bespoke. Customers can match the model to their Cullinan exactly, which is what most are likely to do, or they can customize each and every detail, right down to the colour of the seat belts inside the car. There are over 1,000 hand-made pieces used in the construction of one Cullinan scale model, which seems absolutely absurd considering the size of it.

How much does it cost? Well firstly if you are asking that, you probably cannot afford it but the base price comes in at $14,000 and can go passed the $40,000 mark (approx. R700k) depending on spec and options.

The detail is absolutely mind-blowing but you really have to have completely unlimited funds to add this to your cart.

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