Rolls-Royce Cullinan Scale Model Costs Around R650k Depending On Spec

The Cullinan SUV was critical in helping Rolls-Royce set a new sales record last year and now, customers will be able to miniaturize the Cullinan into a 1:8 scale model.

For those of you who know scale models, 1:8 is not exactly small but then again neither is the real thing. Like its cars, Rolls takes its time building the miniature Cullinan, and customers can customize them to match their real-world models.

Each model is handcrafted to the customer’s specification, with over 1,000 individual components available. That could make the build process take up to 450 hours, which, according to the company, is over half the time the company needs to build the real Cullinan. There are around 40,000 colours to choose from, too, or customers can replicate their own hand-painted bespoke finish. Inside, Rolls can match trim and upholstery, including piping, stitching and specific types of wood, to the tee. Naturally, all four doors and boot open to give you a better view.

The whole thing is supplied in a meter-long Perspex display case, together with a remote to control the working headlights.

A typical Rolls-Royce owner would not ask how much it costs but we are not a typical RR customer so we are interested. As expected, it’s obscene and although it is not confirmed and likely to fluctuate with each model, it is around £30,000 (approx. R650k). In other words, it is a lot more money than most people would spend on a brand new actual car they can drive.

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