New Porsche 911 Undergoing Rally Makeover

It seems the new Porsche 911 is fairly popular with aftermarket specialists and tuning companies focused on the adventure and off-road packages.

This is the latest example of an off-road-ready Porsche 911 and it comes from the German tuners of Delta4x4, “Bavaria’s one-stop off-road specialist.”

The 992 model is the Carrera 4S specification which makes the ideal starting point for a capable off-road machine.

The future owner, a local entrepreneur in Germany, decided he wanted his brand new 911 Carrera 4S to be converted into an adventure vehicle that can be taken from Germany to Dakar.

As you can see, Delta4x4 have obliged and although these are only renderings for now, it is pretty accurate to what we can expect to see when the real thing is revealed next year.

There’s a specially designed light bar along with a custom roof rack for a true off-road appearance. More importantly, a new reinforced chassis with a ground clearance of 250 mm should provide good capabilities outside the paved road.

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