You Can Cool An Entire Apartment With The Air-Conditioning System From A Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti cars are fast, really fast, so the systems under the skin need to be able to operate perfectly at extreme speeds.

Julia Lemke, engineer and overall technical coordinator for Bugatti air conditioning systems, recently detailed the process of keeping the high-performance cars cool at their mind-boggling top speeds and as you can imagine, it’s no easy feat.

The Chiron and the Chiron-based Divo make use of two air-conditioning condensers to ensure heat dissipation from the vehicle, one central air conditioning unit and a compressor, with the entire system made up of around 9.5 metres worth of air conditioning lines.

Combined, the system has a cooling capacity of up to 10 kW which is actually enough to cool an 80 sqm apartment, Bugatti claims.

While in conventional cars, the air is pushed into the interior at the lower end of the windscreen, this only happens in a Bugatti up to speeds of 250 km/h. After this, the system switches to a complicated negative pressure set-up so air intake can be maintained.

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