Safe Biking Tips During a Pandemic

As pandemic restrictions are easing up to allow more people to travel, it’s a great time to go on a long range tour with your bike. There is nothing like hitting the road after being stuck at home for a few months.

However, don’t let your excitement trump the need for safety. You still need to steer clear of potential risks  — and we’re not just talking about wading through traffic. Whether you are riding a dirt bike or a cafe racer, here are a few tips to ride safely in the time of COVID-19.

1. Wear a mask

No biker would want to set out without wearing proper padding and a sturdy helmet that covers the entire face. It’s important to remember that we are currently in a “new normal” where facemasks are crucial, not only for your safety but for the safety of others. Although disposable face masks are adequate, they are less environment-friendly compared to washable masks. You only need to choose a face mask made from breathable materials that reduce moisture buildup and is easier to clean. With the right mask, you can prevent droplets from spreading.

2. Ride in loose groups

If you are a regular group rider, you will need to follow local regulations regarding the number of people that are allowed to congregate. Even if you are in a state that still permits mass gatherings, your biking group should observe proper social distancing. Make sure to maintain a distance of at least six feet from each other, whether you’re on the road or stopping for breaks.

3. Assess your health

In these trying times, it pays to be cautious with your health and well-being. If you are planning to bike to your favorite destinations, you need to check yourself ahead of time for possible symptoms of COVID-19. If you have a fever above 37.5 degrees and a dry cough, you may have to cancel your plans and get yourself tested.

4. Disinfect wherever you go

It’s important to remember that the coronavirus has a high transmission rate, meaning you can catch it very easily. Observing social distancing rules and wearing facemasks should provide enough protection, but there’s no harm in being extra cautious. Bring along a small bottle of hand sanitizer or liquid soap and find time to wash your hands before and after riding. Make sure to bring a spray bottle containing alcohol so you can easily disinfect your seats, gloves, and everything else you come into contact with.

5. Steer clear of accidents

Of course, you wouldn’t want to forget the basics of keeping yourself safe, whether you are casually cruising or racing. Pandemic or not, it’s still important to stay mindful as you ride along busy highways. After all, COVID-19  isn’t the only threatening thing out there. You should also be careful around cyclists, whether you are in North Carolina or New York. Unless you want someone to contact a bicycle accident attorney in Raleigh or Albany, you should follow standard safety procedures while you are on the road.

Don’t let COVID-19 stop you from enjoying the sport you love; Just make sure that you stay safe while you ride!

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