Zanzibar Red Porsche Carrera GT Has Been Abandoned for Eight Years

No these images do not show an abandoned car in Dubai or Abu Dhabi but rather China where this Porsche Carrera GT has sat dead still for eight years.

Periodismo del Motor reports this Porsche Carrera GT was left in a derelict Chinese Ferrari dealership due to new anti-corruption and anti-excessive consumption laws passed by Chinese president Xi Jinping around 2011.

For some reason, this meant that the Ferrari dealership had to be closed down and get rid of its stock. It seems they could not get the iconic Porsche out in time as it has been there for eight years gathering dust.

Since the dealership has been closed since 2012, the GT has been sitting in the same spot for eight years. Needless to say, it would need more than a quick dusting before it’s taken back on the road.

According to reports, this Carrera GT finished in a rare Zanzibar Red Metallic colour (only 3 of 1270 were painted in this colour) is chassis no. 1255. The car has matching wheels and yellow brake calipers. Looking at this brilliant spec, we think, if this car were to be on the market today, it would be sold within minutes for a large sum.

Source Periodismo del Motor
Via The Drive
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