Key Features of Mercedes Vans and Others that Cause Excitement

Owning a minivan or luxury van has many benefits. Not only can you drive your kids, and all their friends, to the weekend’s soccer match, but you can also enjoy a comfortable family road trip across the country. It has a lot of space, a lot of safety features, and many hidden gems that creates an enjoyable driving experience. 

Why are businesses and families out there choosing a van over a luxury sportscar? Sure, no one would mind driving a speedy two-door sportscar, but many families are now leaning towards functionality, space, and safety to transport themselves and their families around. If you need to hire one you can check out Warrington Van Hire.

Whether it’s manufactured by Mercedes-Benz or other engineers, vans have many exciting features. Features that make them great for groups, families, and small businesses. They offer comfort, value for money, and added safety. 

Let’s have a closer look at newer model vans’ key features that really gets our engines revved up:

1. On and Off

Smart keys have changed the way we operate our cars. It’s much safer and more convenient than the good old lock-and-load keys. Specifically synchronized with your van, a smart key cannot be changed or programmed once it is connected to a specific vehicle. 

This adds extra safety and security to the vehicle. You can also check VIN to see the history of a vehicle.

2. Powerful Engines that’s Fuel Efficient

Most newer Mercedes van models have industry-leading fuel economy which results in high fuel mileage. Perfect for your monthly budget and extra friendly to the environment. 

Even if you are transporting a heavy load or many passengers, the engine power won’t be affected. Vans like the Metris features a 4-cylinder, gasoline-powered engine with 258 pound-feet torque and over 208 HP (horsepower). This means that the engine is turbocharged to accelerate on the highway without any holdback. 

With the world moving towards becoming more sustainable, manufacturers are looking for clever ways on how they can incorporate this kind of technology in all vehicles. Ensuring a better fuel consumption without compromising quality. 

3. Space

One of the greatest features from Mercedes Benz vans, like the ones featured on, as well as vans and minivans from Ford and Volkswagen is that they have a lot of space for a group of people. Including the driver, some vans have enough space for up to 12 passengers. Depending on the model, seating arrangements can be adjusted. Cargo models features seating for 2-3 people, while crew versions like the Sprinter have enough space in the cargo for 5 people. 

This is enough to get any company or large family excited. No more driving around in multiple cars, everyone can enjoy the drive along together while sitting comfortably and traveling in style. In case you’re interested in more information about comfortable and award-winner models, check this 2021 Award Winners for BNP Ford Van Leasing Stars.

Increased cargo capacity is another special feature that gets us really excited. Cargo capacities range between 1,874 pounds to 2,763 pounds from 38-68 cubic feet; depending on configuration. 

Its big size is not only to transport people and luggage, most models feature a functional towing capacity of up to 5,000 pounds. Owners can choose between extended lengths and heights for super high roofs and extra space for transporting goods.

4. Automatic Transmission

A 7-speed automatic transmission is a key feature that gets us really riled up. This technology offers improved fuel efficiency, higher performance, and smooth shifting for drivers. 

Using the 7G-TRONIC transmission, owners will experience an optimized longevity, reliability, and higher durability. Some models even feature a 4-wheel drive option, that improves traction when driving on bad roads. 

5. Sound System

A van with a decent communication and sound system is almost just as important as having a high-quality GPS device. Most vans come with a full-featured sound system and communication display. They allow for easy Bluetooth connection, audio streaming, USB connection, hands-free communication, and iOS connection. 

As an additional feature, owners can add a fully equipped navigation system that will guide you on your road trips through the country. A color LED 5.88-inch display features everything a full array of maps that will lead you to your destination in a safe and guided manner. 

The entire sound and communication system are integrated into the van’s design to create an excellent audio experience. 

6. Security and Safety Tech Features

Safety is extremely important, especially for drivers who are transporting passengers and heavy loads. Making sure that everyone arrives at their destination safely without any accidents can be quite daunting. Doing this is much easier with the assistance of many safety tech features incorporated in the vehicle’s design. 

The tech features within most modern models exceeds expectations. Watch this video for an exclusive tour of one of the newest models on the market. 

Vans offer different driving assist features like attention, crosswind, electronic stability, blind-spot, and lane-keeping assistance for the ultimate control of the vehicle. Here is a little bit more on these assistance features: 

  • Attention assist: this feature monitors the driver’s behavior. By analyzing and keeping track of the driver’s use of the brakes, steering wheel, and fuel acceleration, the van can alert the driver when it’s time to take a break. 
  • Crosswind assist: to keep the van in control when it drives through heavy winds, the crosswind assist applies brakes automatically to avoid collisions. 
  • Electronic stability control: this feature adapts to the weight of the load being transported creating better traction, improved efficiency, and precise handling.
  • Blind-spot assist: specialized sensors monitor the driver’s blind spots and uses an indicator mounted on the side mirrors to alert the driver of any oncoming traffic. 
  • Lane-keeping assistance: smart sensors are built into the body of the car, which monitors the van’s position on the road. If the van drifts out of lane, the feature alerts the driver. 

Additionally, rear-view cameras and collision prevention assistance are also featured in some vans. All these features are great in keeping drivers and passengers safe by preventing unforeseen accidents. 

Investing in a van for your family or your business is a smart choice. You can drive around safely while enjoying the high-quality technology and design that it has to offer. To learn more about car detailing visit: Car wash guides

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