5 Things to Consider When Leasing a Car in Dubai

Dubai is one of the top vacation destinations in the world. Tucked away on the north-west coast of the Persian Gulf, this sun-soaked city is often found on the bucket-list of travelers. The white sandy deserts and the sprawling coastline make the city a naturally fascinating region. 

A melting pot of indigenous and foreign cultures – Dubai has evolved as a vibrant, cosmopolitan, and bubbling hub of business and tourism. While the Burj Khalifa is a popular attraction that draws crowds for a glimpse of the city’s panoramic view from the skyscraper – the city has something for everyone. The extensive Miracle Garden is truly a magical place to spend a day before you hit one of the huge shopping malls – which also serves as an entertainment hub with indoor skiing and nightly fountain shows.

In other words, Dubai is a city of endless surprises. One of the best ways to explore this city is by leasing a car. Car leasing gives you the much-needed flexibility and freedom to plan your itinerary as per your wish. 

Is car renting in Dubai a good idea?

When you compare public transport options, taxis, and car renting in Dubai – car renting emerges as a strong winner. One of the biggest advantages of leasing a car while in Dubai is that it removes your dependence on public transport or taxis.

A driver’s paradise

Dubai is constantly rated as one of the best places for drivers. Known for its impressive network of multi-lane swanky highways, low petrol prices, and relatively low incidents of road rage – renting and driving in Dubai can be a pleasurable aspect of your trip. Additionally, given the region’s geography – the driving becomes even more gratifying as you pass across the scenic dune landscapes.

5 Things to consider when leasing a car in Dubai

As with any mode of transportation – several points need to be considered when renting a car. The good news is that car rental is a booming business in Dubai. And the biggest beneficiary of this growing market has been the customer. The rental prices are highly competitive, and a suitable rental package can be found for every budget. All these factors make car lease Dubai a popular choice. It is still important to be mindful of key factors to ensure a great deal on the rental package. The below aspects should be kept in mind every time you lease a car in Dubai: 

1. Driving range and Age Limits

The first key thing to know about driving a rental car in Dubai is that any rented vehicle cannot be taken outside the UAE’s limits. Under no circumstances should the car be driven outside the permissible limits. On a rare occasion, you have to drive outside the limits – it should be informed in advance to the rental company. Once a legal consent letter has been obtained, only then can the car be taken outside.

The second point to consider is the age limit for leasing a car in Dubai. Even though the driving age is 18 years – the age limit to rent a car is 21 years. Additionally, the age limit to rent a supercar is a bit higher at 25 years. 

2. Traffic violation fine and other tolls 

When it comes to traffic fines and regulations, – Dubai is strict. And it is only for the benefit of the drivers. Astringent and heavy traffic fine policy ensures that drivers respect the traffic rules. Any traffic violation fines are to be paid by the driver under whose name the car was rented.

Make sure to follow all the traffic rules such as not jumping the red signal, avoiding over speeding, and not using a handheld phone while driving.

Since Dubai has an extensive network of highways – there are frequent toll gateways. All such toll taxes (Salik) and fines should be borne by the driver renting the car. 

4. Driving license requirements

Regarding the driving license, certain rules must be observed. If you are a tourist from one of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, you would not need an International Driving License. The same applies if you’re from the US, UK, Canada, or a European country. You can drive in Dubai with your national driving license as long as you have a valid tourist visa.

For those outsides of these countries (and on a valid tourist visa) – you would have to apply for an International Driving License from your home country before visiting Dubai. Since this can be inconvenient – several car leasing companies provide the service of adding an authorized driver for you at an additional charge. 

3. Car rental deposit, refund, other hidden charges 

This is perhaps the most searched after information when it comes to leasing a car in Dubai. As with any car rental service, you should make a down payment for the car rental even in Dubai.

The best way to make the car security deposit is via credit cards. This avoids the hassle of having to deal with cash payments. When you deposit via cards, it can be easily refunded back to your card.

Apart from the deposit, it is highly recommended to examine the leasing company’s terms and conditions closely. Each company may have a slightly different policy with their leasing plans. Hence, make sure to enquire about any other daily or weekly charges as per the car model. 

5. Insurance policy 

The insurance policy is the most important aspect to consider if an accident or damage to the vehicle. Generally speaking, car leasing companies do not provide insurance in the leasing package. Hence, insurance must be purchased separately at an additional charge. 

It is highly recommended to shell out insurance money to ensure a waiver in-case of loss or damage. Additionally, check with your credit card company if they have any special insurance coverage packages. 

Keep the above points in mind while leasing a car to sightsee Dubai. Not only are car rentals more affordable than other transport options – car leasing also gives you the flexibility to move more freely. It is rightly said – some of the best sceneries are found on the detour. Happy leasing!

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