What to Do After Your Car Was Damaged in a Car Crash

Our roads have no shortage of distracted and careless drivers. Unfortunately, the significantly increased usage of mobile devices has resulted in an even greater number of serious car wrecks. Whatever the circumstances that led to the collision, it is of utmost importance to know exactly how to act immediately after the crash to avoid common pitfalls that could be very costly. 

Here is what to do after your vehicle was damaged in a car collision.

Secure the Scene

One collision is enough, hence if you do not want to trigger another accident, make sure to get your car off the road, of course, if it is operable. If not, or if it is unsafe to get to a shoulder, do not forget to turn on the hazard flashers on your car so other drivers can notice it from a fair distance. In case you are badly injured, stay in the car, and wait for help. There are emergency responders responsible for securing the safety of all involved in the crash, the accident scene, and any evidence, and it is also their responsibility to ensure traffic will be controlled and not further affect others.

Just a heads up, even if you feel pretty well during the first minutes after the crash, do not share this info with other people on the site. Also, it’s okay to inquire about the health of another driver, but nothing more than that. In no event should you say sorry and apologize for a collision. Since you still could be in shock, it is better not to speak to anyone until you talk to your lawyer.

Call 911

If you are conscious and able to move, call 911 right after you got off the road or secure the crash scene in another way. This step never should be skipped in the case when there’s damage to the vehicles or injuries. Every accident should be reported to the police, therefore do not let someone convince you of the opposite. 

Contact an Accident Lawyer

Contact your accident lawyer and do it as soon as you can. First of all, your lawyer will start work immediately to collect and preserve as much evidence as possible before the scene of the crash is cleaned up. 

Secondly, he or she will advise you on all the do’s and don’ts, and there are quite a lot of things you should know. John Sherrod and Ken Bernard, founding partners of Douglasville car accident law firm, explain that one of the biggest mistakes people who find themselves in a collision involving injuries often make is talking to the insurance company prior to getting in touch with their lawyer. A good attorney will instruct you on how to provide a recorded statement and will assist you with a variety of issues regarding property damage, making every effort to get you the compensation you deserve.

Collect Information

Even though you might be occupied with other thoughts, do your best to obtain the name, address, phone number, insurance information, and license numbers of the driver (or the drivers) involved. Make sure to write down all the essential details about every person or car because, after a couple of hours, you either won’t remember some of them or will mix them up. It’s also a good idea to note the location of the accident, speed limits, lighting, and any specific conditions (heavy rain, for instance) that could trigger the accident.

Take Photos

Many people find it pretty tough to describe the scene of an accident with words, using their smartphones to take photos instead. Take pictures of everything you can, from vehicle damage to your car and the other cars to skid marks. Discover your inner photographer to deliver quality and clear images, hence they can be very important for your case in the future.

Talk to Witnesses

It’s always best to let your lawyer do all the legwork including talking to witnesses of the accident and collect valuable information. However, while waiting for your lawyer to arrive, try to get the contact information of as many people you see on the spot as possible because every one of them could be a potential witness that can help your case.

Get Medical Treatment

You might feel just great right after the accident as some symptoms, including those of whiplash, may manifest later. However, never refuse medical treatment at the spot and do not wait too long to see your doctor, or otherwise, your insurance company might argue that your injuries were not due to the crash.

Car wrecks happen every day, and even a most careful driver can be involved in a serious collision. Hopefully, you’ll never need this advice, but it is important to be prepared and know exactly what to do after your car was damaged in a crash.

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