BMW’s New M Performance Wheel Is Certainly Not For Everyone

BMW has been known to make some truly good-looking wheels and offers a huge catalogue of wheels to suit everyone’s taste.

To some of you out there who want something a bit more unique and brash, the latest M Performance wheel is the answer because it is fluorescent green.

In the brand’s newest marketing video for its virtual M Town, BMW revealed, among other things, an all-new M Performance Parts wheel that’s mostly green. There are some dark accents in the wheel but the majority of it is bright green and it’s, well it’s something.

With such a bright hue, the car would need to be painted in a ‘dull’ colour like the matte grey seen in the shot above or even on a murdered out M3 / M4.

If you fancy these, you will have to fork out for them as a completely separate purchase as they are not available as options for the new M3 and M4 so you will need to get them from the factory as M Performance Parts add-ons.

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