6 Essential Improvements That Will Make Your Upgraded Car A Lot Safer

People who can drive and live in big cities are avoiding public transportation these days due to the pandemic. It seems that almost everyone is turning to their cars to be able to safely get to and from work, without having to worry about getting too close to others, or dealing with dirty trains. That being said, a degree of superficiality remains when people are on the lookout for a car to buy. They will usually look at its aesthetic qualities, or things like speed, horsepower, the comfort of its interiors – which is all well and good, but the most important factor to consider is your safety. Whether you just bought a car, or are looking to add a few smart upgrades for your current vehicle to ensure that it is up to code regarding safety, then the following are a few things to consider.

  1. Take Care of Suspension

The suspension in your car can have a huge impact on performance, and whether it is vulnerable to any roadside mishap. It is very important to control the springs of your suspension movement, while also maintaining your tires and ensuring that they do not succumb to run-of-the-mill wear and tear. The suspension is particularly important since it helps to provide consistent braking – and handling – mechanisms that control the vehicle’s bounce. It helps to make traffic issues much safer and less stressful overall, so taking the time to go to a reliable mechanic to do a check-up and see if it needs to be replaced is money well spent.

  1. Replace Your Tires

Second to suspension are your tires in terms of keeping you safe while on the road. You need to keep them well maintained and replace them with high-quality ones from time to time. It is impossible to stress the importance of tires, their performance, and keeping you safe from an accident. In order to avoid an injury resulting from a car accident, you will need tires that can help you stay on the road and allow you to make a sudden turn while braking easily. Try to buy tires that match the kind of roads you are used to using, and get an attendant tread pattern to help you navigate tough roads. Experts also recommend taking the extra precaution of getting a set of tires with built-in steel belts under the treads to help make the whole package more resistant to any punctures from nails or glass you could encounter while on the road. Also, don’t forget to have a spare tire and keep it stored in good conditions, and well maintained in case of emergency. 

3. Get a Third Brake Light

While you may be a very good driver, you can’t always trust other drivers on the road, unfortunately. That means being as prepared as possible, and what better way to do that than to purchase a third brake light. This allows you to notify other drivers of your next move, or that you are encountering some difficult conditions. Third, pulsing brake light is a good way to signal and prevent another driving from rear bumping your car. 

  1. Get a Smaller Car

At some point in the early aughts, people started buying huge cars with the misguided idea that it would keep them safer. In actuality, these imposing vehicles don’t provide much protection when you’re driving. A smaller car is your best bet, as opposed to something so bulky, especially since you can brake suddenly rather easily with these models. If you have a lot of things to transport, just add some racks to the roof of your car.

  1. Monitor Your Blind Spot

Changing lanes on the highway can be nerve-wracking, mostly because other cars are hidden in your blind spot. Luckily, there are gadgets these days that you can purchase, that function as a kind of alarm system alerting you to the fact that another driver is in a vehicle in a nearby lane. This is one gadget that is well worth the money. 

  1. Automatic Emergency Brakes

Another technological tool that may very well help you is automatic emergency brakes. This smart system uses sensors and cameras to help you detect a potential forward collision, which then triggers the automatic braking system. This could probably help you a lot when driving in bad weather, or in residential areas where you need to make sure you drive slowly enough. 

The number of people seriously injured or killed in car accidents every year cannot be underestimated. The only way to prevent yourself from getting into a nasty accident is to ensure that your car is up to snuff in terms of safety. Don’t waste money on a lot of bells and whistles, but try to invest in a few key upgrades to keep you and your loved ones safe.

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