Novitec Extract 840 hp (626 kW) From Ferrari 812 GTS

The Ferrari 812 GTS is the latest task taken on by tuner Novitec and as usual, the results are rather outstanding.

They focused on improving the performance of the drop-top supercar and they have certainly achieved that. When it leaves the factory in Maranello, the 6.5-litre V12 pumps out 789 hp (588 kW) but thanks to a new exhaust and other miscellaneous tuning refinements, Novitec has unlocked 840 hp (626 kW).

To make the hair on the back of your neck stand to attention, customers will also be able to purchase an optional Inconel exhaust system; the same metal used in Formula 1 exhaust systems for its superior lightness and tolerance to high temperatures.

Cosmetically you will not notice too much change but a few carbon fibre components do give it a little added presence and those specially developed Vossen wheels is the cherry on the top.

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