Why Mercedes-AMG Chose 4-Cylinder Engine For New C63

Rendering via @j.b.cars

It was only a matter of time until the folks from Mercedes-Benz and the Mercedes-AMG arm confirmed that the new C-Class would make use of a four-cylinder engine across the entire range (AMG’s included) but until now they have not given us a reason for the decision.

Automotive News Europe has published that W206 chief engineer Mr Christian Früh was quoted saying: “With the 3.0L (straight-six M256) engine, the front end would have grown by 2 inches in length, not to mention the higher axle load and its impact on driving dynamics.” While he never mentioned the AMG variants specifically, one can easily join the dots and realize that the entire W206 Class lineup will not have an engine exceeding 4 cylinders.

Had they decided to use a straight-six hybrid setup for the upcoming Mercedes-AMG C63 and C63 S, it would result in a car being significantly heavier than the predecessor and since they are planning to have AWD, they needed to shave off as much weight as possible.

The C 63 lineup dropping 4 whole cylinders is a huge disappointment, yes, but it is not a huge surprise and you will find many following this same route as we rush towards a full EV industry.

Rendering via @j.b.cars
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