Mercedes GLB: Practicality And Comfort Within Everyone’s Reach

GLA, GLC, GLE and GLS: the range of Mercedes-Benz SUVs and crossovers has expanded considerably in recent years, guaranteeing customers a wide choice for the most important premium “taller car” segment worldwide.

Mercedes GLB price and equipment

The Mercedes GLB is undoubtedly the cheapest Mercedes SUV with the best value for money on the price list. The starting cost is around 35,000 euros and in the special top-of-the-range AMG version, it does not exceed 60,000 euros in Europe. That will translate to somewhere between $50,000 – 90,000 in Australian dollars. The available set-ups are truly numerous and even more options, which guarantee maximum personalization inside and out, reflecting the style and needs of the customers. Executive, Business and Sport open the versions and monopolize the sales of the model.

It then goes up in price and comfort with the Premium and Sport Plus configurations that already complete the car very well as standard. The 35 AMG is a car of its own with, of course, performance, inserts and finishes that only an AMG can deliver.

GLB 250 dimensions and performance

The dimensions are compact but not restricted and are resolved with: 463 cm in length, 183 cm in width and an overall height that touches 166 cm.

This rectangle that is created in the line has made it possible to develop excellent driveability both on the road and off-road by making the most of the 4Matic Mercedes four-wheel drive while the petrol engine that never ceases to give satisfaction.

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The engines in the range for the Mercedes GLB are all 4 cylinders based on the 2-litre M160 engine.

A smart choice to limit consumption and to have room for manoeuvre with changes to cavalry and torque. The Mercedes GLB 250 petrol being tested is the first step towards the AMG set-up: in total it develops just under 230 horsepower but gets a torque of 350 Nm. Performance that is described in its entirety in the video and which for us are really excellent considering the weight of 1,600 kg in running order.

Interior, infotainment and Mercedes technology

There is little to say about the technology of the new GLB: as good as its older and younger sisters. We have already seen it on the whole new German range and tested it down to the smallest detail. The new generation MBUX infotainment system, however, integrates better here (on the GLB) than on other vehicles of the star, because the driving position is inclined to interact with the touchscreen without effort and without stretching.

Leather seats, dedicated climate and sound system offered by Burmester complete the interior making us travel like on a small GLE or GLS. There is also plenty of space for suitcases and rear passengers who can resist long journeys on the shaped sofa. The charging sockets are now also here only of type C, pushing for an increasingly connected future.

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