What Is the Cause of Most Car Accidents?

Trying to understand why people have car accidents is like trying to understand human nature. As it is, the reasons are plenty, and there does not seem to be an easy way to put an end to them. With today’s fast-paced living and a constant need to be connected to what is happening around them, drivers face more challenges trying to safely get to their destinations than ever before. The result is thousands of car accidents that leave victims dealing with injuries and other losses.

Main Causes of Car Accidents:

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving deserves a gold medal in this list. And the proliferation and easy availability of smartphones has helped distracted driving reach the first spot in causes for car accidents. It seems like everyone who has driven or walked along a road has had an encounter with someone inside a car that is urgently scrolling through text messages, social media feeds, and more.

As multitasking has almost become an art and something people feel confident they can easily accomplish, drivers tend not to think twice about calling, texting, eating, smoking, and even doing personal grooming with one hand while trying to maneuver their car with the other. And statistics have shown that taking their eyes off the task of driving even for a couple of seconds can have disastrous consequences.

Drinking and Driving

While drunk driving has been marked as a leading cause of car accidents, driving under the influence of legal or illegal drugs also plays an important part in the number of car accidents that take place every year. Driving drunk may sound tempting and fun, but it truly means taking your life and those of others into your own hands.


There are countless reasons why people justify the need to go over the speed limit. They are trying not to be late for work or an important appointment; they have to pick up the kids; there is an emergency situation that they need to get to. The excuses are endless and so are the number of people injured or even killed due to someone driving too fast.

You may be convinced that your reason for speeding is important and legitimate, but the fact is that by driving so fast you are more likely to lose control of the vehicle and end with a disaster in your hands.


When it rains, road conditions can change drastically. Visibility is reduced and potholes are hidden by water. Snow and ice are also to blame for countless accidents. If you cannot wait for the rain to pass or for the roads to be plowed clean, you must exercise extreme caution when driving under conditions that you may not be able to control at all times.

Get Legal Help to Deal with Your Injuries and Losses

It seems as though everywhere you turn there is someone driving recklessly, switching lanes abruptly, making illegal turns, racing another car, or engaging in all sorts of irresponsible driving behavior. If you are facing medical expenses and other issues due to a car accident, eslingerlawfirm.com recommends you seek legal representation as soon as possible. Working with an experienced attorney will help you get the damages you need to help restore your health.

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