Wild Exposed Carbon Fibre McLaren 720S Makes Use Of 3D-Printed Parts

1016 Industries is one of the tuning companies pushing hard to implement 3D printing as a scalable method for creating aftermarket offerings. The company’s latest step forward is this modified McLaren 720s that combines an exposed carbon fibre body with a variety of 3D-printed components.

The teal accents have been used to break up the exposed carbon fibre and actually accentuate the lines of the body. The 3D-printed components include the inner bumper structures, aerodynamic ducting, and linkages in the wing.

These updates result in the 720S shedding a substantial 122 kg which is around 9% of the stock supercar weight.

The owner is 1016 Industries CEO Peter Northrop and exists as a fully functioning example of what the company can do with carbon fibre and 3D printing.

“It’s no secret that 3D printing presents a dynamic case for more nimble manufacturing, but the technology has also allowed our engineers to realize drastic improvements to the quality and precision of each functional part. The 000 custom represents an industry first, and while we are incredibly proud of what we achieved here, this is just the beginning,” Northrop said.

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