BMW X5 M Competition Gets Spray-On Autoflex Fire Orange II Wrap

Scrolling through the Bimmerpost forum, we came across this dazzling Fire Orange II BMW X5 M Competition.

Unbeknown to us, we thought it was someone who had splashed for an expensive BMW Individual paint option but it is actually a spray-on ‘wrap’ similar to Plastidip.

Subsequently, we found out that there is a product on the market that simply blows away everything that came before it. It’s called Autoflex and is essentially a high-end professional paint job that can be peeled away.

AutoFlex is perfect for professional body shops, paint shops, and custom shops looking for the finish of a high-end paint job at the price of a wrap. It’s available in matte, satin or high gloss, and can be sanded, buffed, polished and waxed like a standard clear coat.

As well as looking far superior to vinyl wraps, AutoFlex doesn’t require seams, there’s no cutting, no adhesive, no lifting or curling or corners, and offers the ability to mix and make almost any colour/finish you can think of.

The owner of the Fire Orange II X5 M Competition had the following to say;

“Just some info on my X5’s Autoflex in case anyone is curious on the details behind liquid spray wraps (not plastidip). It’s relatively inexpensive, compared to a good vinyl wrap. I was quoted between $5k and $6k for a comparable orange, with Autoflex I was able to colour match BMW’s Fire Orange colour and it ran me $3500 and only 2 days to do. While the concept of liquid application is the same as Plastidip, it’s not the same product at all. It’s a 4 stage process, tack coat, 2 base coat (in my case it was avalanche grey) because I was going over black factory colour – then the 2 colour coats, followed by Autoflex 2k OEM style clear coat. And yes it can be cut/buffed/polished/waxed/ceramic coated and it’s gas spill safe. You can also use a car wash as it self heals minor swirls in the sun. Lasts 6+ years and is 100% peel-able. Even feels like real paint. It’s basically removable paint instead of a vinyl wrap. Most people cant tell it’s not factory. Installation requires no removing of any trim, bumpers, panels, lights etc like you have to do on vinyl. I’m an orange fanatic so all my cars have been orange and it may not be everyone’s cup of tea but with Autoflex you can literally make any colour you can think of from solids, metallics and “frozen” mattes. It’s truly the next level of wrapping and after 4 cars I’m still impressed every time I pick up my car from being done. I also did my wheels and calipers in Autoflex as well since it’s extremely durable and heat resistant.”

Source Bimmerpost
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