Bugatti Pool Table Will Set You Back Over R4 Million

Now and then the folks from Bugatti stray from their field of activity and the most recent offering is a limited edition pool table.

The pool table is made in partnership with IXO and has been dubbed the ‘Bugatti Pool Table’. As expected it makes use of only the finest materials out there but comes with a price tag to match.

Each Bugatti Pool Table is adorned with a unique plate displaying the Bugatti logo and a limited-edition number highlighting its exclusivity Just 30 units will be built with pricing starting at €250,000 (approx. R4,3 million) including accessories, with first deliveries beginning in June.

“It is our pleasure to be working with a manufacturing partner that mirrors the qualities of Bugatti. Through our shared values, we can be sure that the Bugatti Pool Table will be made with extremely high quality materials, that the standard of the limited production will be very high, and that the technology used to make the product is advanced,” said Stephan Winkelmann, President of Bugatti.

“We only choose the best partners to represent our famous Bugatti marque, yet we know that IXO will meet the same benchmarks we expect in the production of hyper sports cars made in our Molsheim Atelier.”

The Bugatti Pool Table was engineered to be used on yachts. It has an optional servo-driven system that deploys a gyroscopic sensor. Thus, the legs can automatically adjust in just 5 milliseconds to compensate for the movement of the ship “in total silence with vibration-free adjustment”, the Molsheim company claims.

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