Mansory Goes Stealthy For New Mercedes S-Class

Mansory has gone for a much more subtle approach with this offering to try and keep the new W233 Mercedes-Benz S-Class as classy as possible.

The tuner claims the package helps “further accentuate” the sedan’s “already very elegant appearance,” and that holds true once you take a closer look at the makeover.

Changes are kept to a minimum but as you can see, you can kit the luxury sedan out with a new front lip, different bumper air intakes, different fender accents, new side skirts and two different rear diffusers.

If you want to go further, you can choose between two different carbon-fibre decklid options, a roof spoiler, and rear bumper air outtake accents. You can also choose from a range of Mansory badging on the exterior as well as three different options of wheel style.

If you so wish, the tuner can crank the performance for both the S400d and the S500 thanks to a modified ECU unit and new exhaust system. The upgrade in the S400d diesel delivers 395 hp (294 kW) and 837 Nm (617 lb-ft) reducing the 100 km/h (62 mph) time to just 4.8 seconds. The S500 jumps to 526 hp (392 kW) and 639 Nm (463 lb-ft) which can hit the 100 km/h benchmark in 4.3 seconds.

As always the sky is the limit for the interior and the only actual limit is what you are willing to spend.

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