What You Need to Know About Customising Your Motorcycle Insurance

Accidents happen at any time and any place. No one, not even the best or experienced rider can tell what will happen while on the road. When accidents occur, they cause injury to riders and other motorists or even passengers and property. When you think of it, motorcycle insurance comes to your mind. To pay all the losses or medical bills or repair is too much to bear alone, an insurance cover ensures all the damages incurred are catered for. By having motorcycle insurance you have financial protection against injury or damage caused by the bike. This article will inform you about motorcycle insurance in Singapore and things you need to know while customizing your motorcycle insurance.

Type of motorcycle insurances

Third-party only 

This is the cheapest motorcycle cover available for riders. The law also has this policy as the minimum requirement as it covers, injury, damage, or death caused by the owner to a third party. The term ‘third party’ means it does not include you, or the motorcycle in the cover in case of an accident. This cover ensures that any loss caused by the motorcycle to another person is catered for by the insurance.

Third-party, fire and theft

This policy is an improvement of the third party cover in addition to fire and theft. This means the policy covers damage, injury, death caused by the owner to another party plus, loss or damage caused by fire or theft of the motorcycle. This policy is vital in case you park the motorcycle in areas with a higher risk of theft. Though motorcycle fires are rare, you never know whether they can happen to you. Since they run on petroleum, there is always the risk of fire and, you need to be prepared.

Comprehensive cover

It is the most detailed motorcycle insurance policy you can get. It offers the highest level of coverage for your motorcycle. It includes cover for third party, third party fire, and theft, in addition, it covers damage, loss, and injury for the motorcycle caused by accidents and other insured perils like vandalism or natural disaster. Though you have to dig deep into your pocket to pay for such a policy, it is worth it. You can ride peacefully knowing that everything will be catered for in case something happens on the road.

The premium paid in each type of insurance will vary from one rider to the other. Generally, the cost of the cover increases from a third party, third party fire, and theft to comprehensive. Some of the reasons that contribute to premium differences of the insurance include;

The age – young persons have less experience on a motorcycle hence having more risk on the road. Even if you have the same type of motorcycle and purchase the same cover as an old person, you will pay a larger premium than him.

Type of motorcycle – sportbike and motorcycles with a high-power engine will be charged a higher premium than the common motorcycles. The reason being, sportbikes will go faster increasing their chances of accidents and, they will cost much to repair.

Usage- personal use motorcycles have affordable premiums than business use motorcycles.

Year of registration- newer motorcycles are charged higher premiums than older ones to cover them.

No-claim discount [NCD] – just like in motor vehicle insurance, you get a reward for staying safe. When you go to renew the policy, you get a discount if no claims were made in the past year.

In motorcycle insurance, no one policy works for everybody. What you own and want to protect should be uniquely be protected that way. That’s why there are different types of insurance covers tailored to meet your individual needs. You have to make sure motorcycle insurance covers what you want.

Find an insurance agent who will take you through the process as you explain your requirements. This way, you will have someone to get you through and get the best-personalized motorcycle insurance policy. Depending on the policy you choose, you will receive discounts. These discounts are a way of saving money. The agent will help you understand what discounts you qualify for and how to get them.

Now that you know what to do to customize your motorcycle insurance, research the available insurance providers in your area. Look at the products they offer and choose the company that will serve your needs, then purchases the cover from them.

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