A Guide To Staying Safe While Riding Your Motorcycle

It’s undeniable that riding a motorcycle is fun. However, this activity requires a different set of skills from those you need to operate a car. Also, regardless of the vehicle-specific skills, safety tips apply to all road users. You must use your common sense, go to school to learn driving skills, and understand the laws of the road to successfully ride your motorcycle. Adhering to the set rules can also reduce fatalities caused by motorcycle accidents. Want to stay safe while on the road? Below is a guide to staying safe while riding your motorcycle:

Always Wear Appropriate Gear

Unlike a car, a motorcycle is so open. You must protect yourself accordingly. Wear a face shield and some eyewear as they can shield you against any head injuries should you fall. Similarly, don’t just pick a helmet and go to the road with it. Safety experts at motorcycle larry recommend that you choose a helmet that has a reasonable weight and one that’s highly enduring. A good helmet should be made from high plastic grades which are difficult to crack. Such a helmet can guarantee your head safety even when you hit hard surfaces.

Also, dress warmly to avoid suffering diseases that come from long exposure to cold. Wear some leather clothes, a pair of quality gloves, and boots with non-skid soles to reduce the severity of injuries you shall suffer in case of an accident.  A reflective tape is also important and can make you very recognizable.

Observe All The traffic Rules

Anytime you’re on the road adhere to the set speed limits. Remember the faster you go the more difficult it becomes for you to stop.  Riding at a moderate speed ensures you have enough braking time should the need arise. You can not only avoid causing accidents but you can also avoid being a victim of accidents caused by careless motorists. If your state requires that you only carry one person at a time, adhere to this. Do not burden yourself with too much weight as it can reduce your riding efficiency. 

Ride Defensively

The safest strategy on the road is driving or riding defensively. Always assume that every other rider and driver on the road except you is careless. This way, you can ride defensively and protect yourself and fellow road users. Respect everyone’s right to the road as this contributes to many motorcycle accidents. Never assume that a driver shall see you. Make them see you. At any point have your headlights on. Signal well when you change directions. Watch out for oncoming and turning vehicles as you change lanes and stay out of the driver’s blind spot.

Ride Soberly

Like driving, you should not ride your motorcycle while intoxicated or when you are drunk with alcohol.  Different drugs and drinks can lower your concentration levels. They can make you ignorant and drowsy. This can increase your risk of causing an accident and hurting others too. Fatigue and exhaustion can also make you inefficient. So when you are going to the road, eat well and sleep enough. Stay alert and always have enough ability to react in case of anything.

Hone Your Riding Skills With Education

Regardless of whether you want to ride a motorcycle to make money or you want to ride it for fun, you need the right education. You can be taught defensive riding and all the safety tips you should know as a rider.  A formal riding education can earn you a license and give you the confidence you need any time you’re on the road. You’ll also be taught the appropriate street-riding strategies that increase your chances of staying safe as you ride.

Prepare To Ride

Before you hit the road, prepare enough. Ensure your motorcycle is roadworthy as this is equally important. Inspect your motorcycle for any mechanical issues and address them before you ride. Riding a motorcycle in good condition is a step toward fostering your road safety. Ensure the tires are inflated and are void of bulges and cracks. Note that low tire pressure can cause blowouts and compromise your safety as you ride.  Check for any leaking gas and be sure your throttle and clutch are working well before you ride. Check your mirrors, brakes and test the horn.

Motorcycle accidents can be terrific. You must stay safe by all means if you want to enjoy riding motorcycles. Luckily, it’s easy to stay safe while riding. Get the right education, ride defensively and avoid riding when you’re drunk or intoxicated. Observe all the traffic rules and do not take a faulty motorcycle to the road. Prepare emotionally and physically to ride. Eat well and rest enough.

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