How To Choose The Right Wheels For Your Car

A new set of car wheels can provide your car with the upgrade it needs to make it look more refined and sleek, or alternatively stand out. Before switching out your old car wheels for something custom-made, it is worth taking time to research what sizes of the wheel can safely fit your car and what colours, design, and style best suit your car. 

To help you improve the overall look of your car by replacing its worn generic wheels with new car wheels, here is a list of what to consider when looking for the right car wheels.

Check Different Wheel Sizes 

When getting new car wheels, the first thing people often consider is the available sizes and which tires are the best fit. There is a range of car wheel sizes and tire types, fortunately, it is possible to find Michelin tires in Canada to suit all kinds of car wheels and vehicles. It is worth remembering not all new car rims will look great on any car and the size of the wheels should be tailored to the style of the car. 

The most commonly used car wheels have diameters of 14” or 16”, although older cars may be better suited to smaller wheels of around 14 inches in diameter. If you are looking for more performance from your car, then 19-inch wheels will fit tires that offer increased traction. 

Before going out and buying new wheels, you or a mechanic will need to work out the wheels’ bolting pattern and measure if the clearance between the wheel wells and the tires is enough to prevent interference with braking and steering. 

Choose a Style of Wheel 

If you want to add further flair to your car, you can add colored wheels in shades that match the primary color on the body of your car. A good way to choose the right color car wheels is to incorporate them into existing features of the car such as racing stripes, decals, the style of the car, and the design of lights. 

The choice of car wheels is definitely a personal one, and something that should be considered carefully to ensure the rims fit well, don’t interfere with performance, or look tacky. 

Alloy wheels are the most popular car wheel on the market and are available in a variety of designs to suit a range of different cars. Alloy wheels are more expensive than forged steel wheels, however, they are lighter weight and help to reduce fuel consumption. 

Consider the Cost 

When shopping for new car wheels, it is well worth considering your budget and how much you are willing to spend on upgrading your car. A set of brand-new car wheels can cost anywhere between $400 to $1500 or more depending on the quality and specifications of the model. 

Additional costs will be incurred if you are planning on hiring a professional fitter to change your car wheels, this will generally set you back $20-40 per wheel. 

Switching out boring and ugly car rims can be simple if you have the budget and can go to a trained fitter. However, taking the time to figure out what size and style wheels best suit your car is important.

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