Startech Give Land Rover Defender Extra Body and Wheel Size

Brabus is renowned for upgrading various Mercedes models but for other manufacturers, their subsidiary Startech steps in like they have done for the new Land Rover Defender 90.

Finished in a two-tone theme, the most obvious modification is the removal of the spare wheel for a cleaner appearance at the back. With the tailgate fully exposed, they adorned it with a massive Union Jack featuring a monochromatic finish, which can be optionally painted in the colours of the United Kingdom flag to further drive the point home.

As the title suggests, the tuner has fitted the car with a fairly subtle body kit and a not so subtle set of 23-inch wheels with a hub cover to mimic the look of a centre lock wheel.

They had to tweak the air suspension a bit to get along with the large shoes so when on-road mode is activated, the Defender sits approximately 35 millimetres (around 1.4 inches) closer to the road than the stock model. Ground clearance in off-road mode has not changed but those are not what you would call off-roading wheels and tyres.

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