Tips for Motorcycle Tourists in Croatia

Planning a ride on  the stunning streets of Dubrovnik city with its rich culture? Read this article to discover more.

Croatia was famously known as the ‘go to’ destination and was one of the most popular destinations for motorcycle riders until a few years ago. The favorable weather, numerous routes, and vicinity to Poland drew a large number of these motorcycle tourists.

Presently, that approach is still surprisingly popular, but rising prices, large crowds on the beaches, and traffic bottlenecks have made it less desirable throughout the season. Croatia, in addition to its gorgeous Baltic shoreline, is culturally diverse. There are monuments from all ages, owing to their stormy history and the blending of numerous civilizations.

In the midst of old Roman remains Dalmatian cities buzz with nightlife. Dubrovnik, a magnificent city with medieval carvings and marble-paved streets, is a city that demands to be seen. Here are some suggestions that will help you tour the cities of Croatia on your bike.

Advice for Touring Croatia by Motorcycle

Touring a new place on a bike can be pretty tricky if one is not familiar with the route. However, in Croatia, this would not be a problem because there are many motorcycle touring guides that you can hire and ease your way into the trip.

Here are some things you should keep in mind while touring Croatia on a motorbike.

First Order of Business: Get a Bike  

Renting a good bike is not a problem in Croatia. There are many companies that rent a wide range of bikes starting from the classics to the modern BMW GS and Ducati Multistrada. You can easily choose a bike of your own taste. Don’t worry, they update their fleet every year!

The bikes are properly maintained and you will find them in pristine condition for your tour. However, if you do wish to rent a bike here are some things you must have with you. These include:

  •   National ID card or Passport
  •   Drivers license of EU citizens or international drivers license for citizens who reside outside of the EU
  •   Credit or Debit card

Other essentials include:

  •   Gloves
  •   Helmet required by the law of Croatia (which many bike rental companies can provide)
  •   Riding pants
  •   Rain gear (just in case of rain)
  •   Boots or appropriate shoes for riding

Touring With Your Own Bike

A bike tour is all about sightseeing and finding new masterpieces. Often, bikers prefer to ride with their own bikes rather than renting one. The process of crossing the border into Croatia with your own bike depends on whether you are an EU citizen or not.

Regardless, always carry your motorbike papers. Remember to ensure they are recent and in compliance with the local legislation. If you are a non-EU citizen, carry a valid passport along and that should be enough. For EU citizens, you will only require a valid ID card.

If you arrive during peak season, don’t be surprised to see a queue that stretches a few kilometers. Hence, it is a good idea to plan your trip ahead and choose a convenient time for you and your bike gang.

Motorbike Taxes for People With Rentals

When renting a bike, you will be asked to pay for insurance and tax. The security deposit can range from 900€ to 1500€ approximately, depending on the bike model and rental company. The deposit is determined at the time of rental and is refunded when the unit is returned. In the event of any damage, the calculated deposit represents your utmost liability. 

Best Period for Renting Motorbikes in Croatia

Different regions of Croatia have different seasons for traveling. For instance, if you choose to voyage the valleys of Dalmatia, the best time for you would be between mid-April to the end of June. During this time, the weather will be in your favor with temperatures as high as 17 degrees Celsius and as low as 11 degrees celsius.

During the peak season, which usually starts from the end of June and lasts until the end of August, temperatures might be a bit too high for wandering in nature. Yet, if you do plan on traveling during this time, you can visit the islands, such as the Gorski Kotar region, where the weather is often a little cooler. 

The optimum time for bike touring in Croatia is the end of August to October. You will be able to enjoy the beautiful weather and if you love the shores, you will find plenty of waterfalls, islands, and beaches to explore. So go ahead and find your calling! 

Secrets That will Make your Trip Better

Cruising the Croatian coastlines means traveling over 100kmon your motorbike, including all the islands, bays, sunsets, beaches, cliffs, etc… Sounds both exciting and tiring at the same time! So to make this trip more pleasing for our riders, here are some tips that will make your life a lot easier.

  •   If you are having trouble with the rain, you can use trash compactor bags to keep your things dry in your panniers. 
  •   Use envelopes to help you plan out each day. In these envelopes, you can store hotel reservations, a checklist of destinations to visit, and  maps, so that you don’t have to frantically go through your luggage each time you need something
  •   Create a motorcycle pre-ride checklist that includes things like oil levels, loose fasteners, and air pressure levels, to save you from a big accident. Go through this list every morning before starting your ride.
  •   Keep a day for yourself so that you can do the most random unplanned activities. These are the ones that become great adventure stories.
  •   Do not ride during sunrise or sunset. When the sun is on the horizon, it can practically blind you and could cause a severe accident.

Start Your Engines and Grab Your Passports

There is no doubt that Croatia is a beauty. With all the fascinating natural landscapes, it is the go-to place for riders to fulfill their fantasies. Hopefully, we were able to spark your inner tourist with these tips. 

Happy Riding!

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