4 Tips to Keep Your Car Running and Looking Like New

Did you know that the average age of American cars has increased 17% over the last decade? This is partly because people are doing a better job maintaining them.

Keeping your car in good condition is something we all want to do because we want it to last as long as possible, save money and have better performance. For many of us, our car is almost like another member of our family that we have to take care of, feed and treat with affection if we want it to perform well. 

Your car also suffers from regular use. It has to go through hardships and it has to be kept in good shape if you want it to last for many years. Some of the issues your car will face are purely aesthetic 

For example, you might want to detail your car to improve the appearance of its interior. If this is the case, you might begin your efforts like everyone else: with a simple Google search for a phrase like “car interior detailing near me.”

However, others require more intensive maintenance. If the car is not maintained, misfortunes happen, such as costly repairs at best and a severe traffic accident at worst. For example, imagine you go on a long trip with your whole family inside. Now imagine that your vehicle is in bad shape with bad brakes and a faulty engine. Now, imagine that your car’s brakes fail and you fall into a ditch with your whole family. To give another example, imagine that a gear does not engage properly. The car may not stop while braking and collides with an oncoming vehicle because it could not stop in time. 

These are things that happen every day on the road. Although most accidents result from the human factor, many accidents have to do with the car itself. The good thing is that you can keep your vehicle in good condition without too much difficulty by following a few guidelines.

Instructions to keep a car in good condition 

Suspension and tires

The first part that you have to worry about with your vehicle is the suspension, which is responsible for regulating the height of the car and helping it deal with bumps and obstacles. To take a good look at the suspension of your car, you must consider that it must be in a correct state. You need to make sure that it can be regulated correctly and that there are no broken springs. 

You should also try to drive correctly and avoid taking the car to rocky places (especially if it is an off-road car). As for the tires, something similar happens, as they get damaged if you drive badly. Do not skid, check the tire pressure, rotate the tires every 8,000 miles or less, use the correct type of tire and do not drive the car on roads not suitable for your type of wheel. 

Engine and gearbox

You also need to think about the heart of the car, which is the engine. The engine turns the wheels of the car and the car is nothing without it. The engine has support, which is the gearbox. The gearbox is a part that regulates the gears and revolutions while your engine runs. To keep both in good condition, avoid unnecessary accelerations, shift correctly, do not over-rev the car, drive slowly in places where you should and finally annually inspect both parts to check what is wrong with them. 

Brakes and steering

You also need to think about the part that lets you have control of the car, which is the brakes and the steering. The brakes serve to make the car stop, thus being an element of active safety on the road. To keep them in good condition, avoid hitting the brakes and change the brake fluid and pads from time to time, to keep them in good condition without any problem with slowing your vehicle. 

As for the steering, you have to look at the steering wheel, as well as the steering axles. Everything must be in good condition, which is something that can be achieved by not steering your car unnecessarily and driving calmly. As with other parts, you should visit the mechanic at least once a year, since the car, like people, need their annual checkup to keep working. 

Aesthetics and bodywork 

Last but not least, we have the part of the car that you can see, that is, the bodywork and the interior of the car, which should be taken care of for aesthetics. Make sure to keep the car clean, repair any bumps and scratches it may have had and watch the position of mirrors and spoilers in case there are any, because if they are in the wrong position, the car could lose aerodynamics. Also check other elements of the car such as headlights, bodywork, doors, rear lights and dashboard, leaving everything clean and well prepared to go out to drive. Here you can find more articles on car cleaning.

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