Mercedes Will Charge You Over R8k Per Year For Rear-Wheel Steering In The EQS

The Mercedes-Benz EQS is a new purely electric sedan and will come built with two levels of rear-wheel-steer capability.

The first level turns the back wheels up to 4.5 degrees, the second increases the maximum angle to 10 degrees. Every EQS is built with the hardware to achieve ten degrees but in some countries, you will need to pay a subscription to have this feature activated.

Buyers in the US of A will get the 10-degree arrangement as standard but in some other countries, like Mercedes home field of Germany, the 4.5-degree and 10-degree trims need to be optioned when buying.

Auto, Motor und Sport reports that the 10-degree system can be purchased after the sale as an OTA update, but Mercedes will charge “an annual fee of 489 euros,” or if an owner wants to pay for three years upfront, 1,169 euros.

It is not completely clear if the charge carries on for the lifetime of the car. It strikes us as outrageous to think it would, but hey, the world is full of outrageous things at the moment.

Source Auto, Motor und sport
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