How To Buy Parts And Accessories For Your Car Online

As a result of the confinement measures in recent weeks, electronic commerce has exploded exponentially, since it is enough to enter a website, choose the product or service we want, pay for it and wait in the comfort of our home, without exposing ourselves. However, it is important to bear in mind that, although this form of commerce can be attractive due to its variety and ease, even to buy accessories or components for our car or motorcycle, it is also a modality very frequented by cyber fraudsters to make yours, so in the online purchase process you must take into account some factors that can determine whether it will proceed smoothly, or on the contrary, with adversity. 

You can buy online in two ways: stores and virtual markets. Basically, buying accessories for our car is the same as when we, say…, buy prescription sunglasses online. These offer a wide variety of products and services of all kinds, from stores related to a specific line of business to others that offer a wide variety of items. The advantages of buying online include being able to make purchases at any time without having to physically go to a store, being able to buy products and services through the opinions of other consumers, as well as special and exclusive promotions for the web, among others. If we talk about disadvantages, these could be errors in shipping, problems in cancellations and returns, risk of identity theft, additional charges more expensive than the product itself and that sometimes it takes longer to obtain an item online than in a physical store. 

Here are some recommendations before carrying out commercial operations online, which we share with you below. 

Know the identity of the supplier and the characteristics of your product.

Check additional charges, such as shipping of products, conditions, taxes and forms of payment.

Check that the portal has declared its privacy policies and read them. 

Keep in mind the policies of return, cancellation, changes, guarantees, general conditions of purchase and restrictions. 

Try to buy from home, save and print proof of purchase. 

If you are going to buy with a foreign supplier, verify that it makes deliveries to our country, the extra costs and import conditions. 

Check that the site where the purchase is made is secure, this can be corroborated when the pages start with https: // and a closed lock icon. 

Consult with your bank and know the security mechanisms of your credit and debit card, when making a purchase online, these can be a message to your registered cell phone, a token with a unique number or a series of questions that guarantee that the purchase is made by the account holder and the rejection of the payment that you do not renounce. 

Never share your financial data, they are personal and non-transferable, better approach your bank and know the security measures for online purchases.

Online shopping is also a great tool to compare prices of the same product or service in other parts of the world and have a better reference, and they are a great ally for people looking for parts and accessories of classic, antique and collectable vehicles that they are restoring, some hard to come by.

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