Know About The Top 5 Safety Features in Kia Cars

Kia cars have been wholeheartedly embraced by Indian automobile consumers. In the last year or two only, the company has gained a large following and is steadily creating a niche in the Indian market. According to the report published in Statista, “The Korean car manufacturer entered the Indian market in 2019 and has already reached the fourth position in terms of annual sales volume.” 

Presently, the company has three car models in the market namely Seltos, Carnival, and Sonet. All the three cars have introduced never seen before Kia cars features in the SUV car segment. Plus, the crisp body design stands apart from the rest of the competitors. Kia brings an exciting option for the people looking to explore the SUV segment.

Let us look at the top 5 Kia cars safety features in Kia cars:

1. Driver Attention Warning (DAW)

A much-needed safety feature to remind people to take a break. The Driving Attention Warning (DAW) lets people know that they need to take a break if they fall asleep or are drowsy while driving.

With the safety alarm bell and an audio prompt, passengers are notified to refresh before they can continue with the journey ahead. Considering the number of road accidents on Indian roads, this feature is a welcome step to ensure passenger safety.

2. Autonomous Emergency Braking System (AEBS)

AEBS uses a series of sensors, cameras along with the relative speed of the vehicles to monitor the distance between the car and vehicles ahead. In case of emergency braking, or if the person driving is not focusing on the road ahead, the AEBS comes to the rescue to bring the car to an abrupt halt safely. Such feature additions in vehicles make your car safer.

3. Lane Keep Assist (LKA)

How many times have seen people bump and collide with the vehicle in front of them, trying to change lanes, to overtake? When you are driving at high speeds and trying to overtake it is all about microseconds and quick decisions and at times, people go wrong, which only results in untoward mishaps on road.

Lane Keep Assist (LKA) is available in every Kia car. It takes a note of the current lane the car is moving in and its limitations. If the driver tries to change lanes which might cause an accident/collision, it mechanically guides the driver (car) back to the safe lane.

4. Forward Collision Warning Technology (FCWT)

Forward Collision Warning Technology uses an arrangement of radar data and a camera to sight any pedestrians, vehicles, or objects in front of the vehicle. In case of a driver not focusing on the object in front, it generates audible warnings to notify the driver and gets the safe braking function in action to avoid any chance of collision or accident.

5. Blind Spot Warning

Not many people would be aware of it, but even with all the arrangement of side-view mirrors and driving mirrors, there still are blind spots that make it impossible to spot any vehicle trying to overtake. With a Blind spot warning system, Kia cars make it possible to be aware of any vehicle approaching your car.

The above-mentioned are the prominent set of safety features available with Kia cars. As you can see, they are precisely installed to ensure passenger safety by providing the necessary assistance. Besides, there are plenty of other safety features which ensure passenger safety and help you enjoy a comfortable drive.

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